Gadget Review: The Diablo 2 Portable DAC/Amp

The Diablo 2 emerges as a groundbreaking innovation, claiming the title of the world’s first portable DAC/Amp with Bluetooth 5.4. Its support for aptX Lossless positions it as the sole Bluetooth codec capable of delivering lossless CD-quality streaming without compromising audio quality—an impressive feat in the realm of audio technology.

Building upon the achievements of its predecessor, the Diablo 2 integrates xMEMS solid-state micro-speaker technology, revolutionizing IEM and headphone performance. This technology brings forth a 15µsec mechanical response, a remarkable 150 times faster than typical drivers, ensuring an unparalleled level of responsiveness. The 2° flat phase response contributes to precise sound reproduction, while the +/- 1° phase matching enhances spatial sound accuracy. The speaker diaphragm, crafted from silicon and boasting a stiffness 95 times that of plastic, minimizes speaker break-up, delivering clearer mid-high frequencies.

The partnership with xMEMS is crucial due to the high voltage requirements of this technology. The Diablo 2 utilizes the piezoelectric effect to create paper-thin solid-state speakers, converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. This process excites an integrated silicon membrane, generating powerful acoustic sound waves and elevating the overall audio output.

A closer look at the Diablo 2’s front panel reveals a thoughtful addition—an intuitive Volume Lock switch positioned next to the volume control, preventing accidental adjustments during transport. On the back panel, a switch for mode selection and Bluetooth pairing is found on the left side, with two USB-C ports on the right side streamlining cable management—one for audio and the other for charging.

Driving the audio processing capabilities is the XMOS 16-Core chip, receiving audio data via the USB digital input. This low-latency microcontroller boasts enhanced processing power, delivering double the clock speed and four times the memory compared to current eight-core chips. The incorporation of the latest SuperSpeed USB standard further solidifies its position at the forefront of audio technology.

In conclusion, the Diablo 2 is not merely a device; it’s a testament to the relentless pursuit of audio excellence. The integration of cutting-edge technologies, from xMEMS solid-state micro-speaker to the XMOS 16-Core chip, places it in a league of its own. The Return on Investment (ROI) for enthusiasts and audiophiles is crystal clear—the Diablo 2 ensures an immersive audio experience, offering a level of quality and innovation that transcends expectations.