Monday, April 12, 2021

Is the Lockhart Real?

Episode 415: Is the Lockhart Real? Well, yes, it is real, just unannounced. The Xbox Series S is probably the worst kept secret at this...

Microsoft Shutting Down Mixer Streaming Platform

Episode 410: Slow News Week There really wasn't all that much going on this week in terms of hard news, but there was a bunch...

PC and PlayStation 5 Showcase

Episode 409: PC and PlayStation 5 Showcase This 90 minute episode is all about the PC Gaming Show and the PlayStation 5 Showcase -- plus...

Resident Evil 3 will not receive any DLCs or Significant Updates

GameStooge’s regular podcast, “Videogame Roundtable” Episode 408: Resident Rock of Ages This week's episode features a Gaming Flashback about... nothing. The week before the PC...

VIDEO: GamingPodcast Plays Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe

Gaming Podcast's Jonah Falcon and Shack News' T.J. Denzer do a totally-not-ripping-off-Zero-Punctuation's-Let's-Drown-Out video of the former playing Battle Chief Brigade Deluxe as they discuss...

HITMAN 3 to launch for PC exclusively on the Epic Games Store

HITMAN 3 to launch for PC exclusively on the Epic Games Store

Sony’s Pricing Problem

Sony breaks PS5 pricing tradition for Xbox Series X launch


Live on, and being shown for the first time at New York Toy Fair, Anchorman: The Game - Improper Teleprompter is an adult...

Welcome to the Cloud

Microsoft: Amazon and Google are ‘the main competitors going forward’

End of a Decade of Videogames 2010-2019

Videogame ROundtable Episode 391: End of a Decade of Videogames 2010-2019 The last podcast of 2019 is also the last podcast of the 2010's, as...

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