Brewing Icons Toast Success Of Brooklyn Brewery And Fuller’s Ales

Two specialty brewery icons toast to Brooklyn Brewery’s 2008 Brewers Association World Cup awards as well as Fuller’s Ales past awards won in previous years. Toasting sweet success while enjoying a Fuller’s ESB are: Garrett Oliver, left, brew master for Brooklyn Brewery and John Keeling, right, brew master for Fuller Smith Turner.



Fuller’s brands are brewed by England’s award-winning brewer, Fuller, Smith & Turner PLC. Fuller’s is imported and marketed in the USA by Distinguished Brands International (DBI) of Littleton, Colorado.. In addition to Fuller’s, Distinguished Brands’ prestigious portfolio includes: Erdinger Weiss Beers from Bavaria, Germany; O’Hara’s Irish Stout from Carlow & Cork, Ireland; Veltins from the northern village of Grevenstein, Germany; Andechs from the Benedictine Andechs Monastery, Bavaria, Germany; and New Orleans’ own Dixie Lager, Jazz, and Voodoo, all brewed by Dixie Brewing Company.