Cleveland Browns hire ex-Jets head coach and full-on weasel Eric Mangini as head coach

video inside post In a not so stunning turn of events the Cleveland Browns have hired ex-Jets head coach and full-on weasel Eric Mangini as their head coach. The team confirmed the move on Wednesday evening. This without a doubt closes the door on negotiations with New England VP of Player Personnel Scott Pioli who would never disrespect head coach Bill Belichickk by sleeping with the enemy.

For those of you that don’t remember the history Mangini was a ball boy with The Browns before Belichick brought him to New England to work under the great Bill Parcells. Mangini would return the favor by naming his son after Belichick and then outing some of Belichicks more questionable filming tactics to the NFL and the entire sporting world.

Not only did Mangini lose face with the Belichick\Parcells family tree but also with the Patriots faithful that now refer to him as Mangina even on Boston sports radio. Good luck in Cleveland Eric next stop is the CFL.