Howard TV: Beth Stern Stars in the Latest Episode of “Show in the Hallway”

Beth SternHoward Stern’s model, activist and actress wife Beth (Ostrosky) Stern is starring in a new episode of an original series on Howard TV On Demand starting today. It’s the latest episode (#3) of the Show in the Hallway loosely scripted original comedy series. In these fictional stories, “Howard Stern Show” cast and staff members play themselves, with celebrity guest stars such as Beth, comedienne Lisa Lampanelli and John Stamos. Entertaining plot lines with surprise endings are inspired by real on-air and behind-the-scenes events and the eccentric personalities that make up the “Howard Stern Show” cast of characters.

The premise of the episode starring Beth revolves around her plans to throw Howard Stern a surprise party to which Sal the Stockbroker is not invited. In an attempt to get on her good side, he throws a charity comedy event. In true Ralph Kramden style, everything that Sal does to fix his missteps throughout the episode only make matters worse. Every time he tries to apologize, he winds up offending her, he gets into deeper trouble and it gets more and more hilarious.

The Show in the Hallway is part of the “Big Fat January” on Howard TV, a month jam-packed with original specials and reality series. Highlights include Howard TV’s Most Outrageous 2008 hosted by Bam Margera which premiered on Jan. 20, and Howard TV’s Shocking Celebrity Moments 2008 beginning Jan. 27. For more information about Howard TV On Demand and its availability, check out