2010 NFL Draft Contest: Last Call to Enter Your Tim Tebow Mock Draft

tebow-angelIt’s been running for 36 days since we first introduced it on March 17th and now it is only open to entries for just one more. I’m talking about our exclusive TMR Zoo Tim Tebow NFL Draft contest, where the everyday fan can guess which round and by which team Tim Tebow will be selected in the 2010 NFL Draft for a chance to win a cool prize pack.

Depending on when you are reading this, you only have one or two more entries available until the contest closes at 7:30PM EST on Thursday… the kickoff of the 2010 NFL Draft. We’ve helped you out the entire way, posting mock drafts from throughout the web and updating you on the most popular teams and rounds as they have been entered. At this point there is not much we can do but accept your final entry or entries and wait for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to take the podium tomorrow evening.

Click Here to Submit Your Final Entry in the Tim Tebow Contest


As soon as Tebow is selected, whether it be on Thursday night or over the weekend, we will report back to you and begin the winner selection process. The winner should be announced the very next day and thus will end our 2010 NFL Draft contest… or will it.

As soon as the Draft is concluded, we will be launching our very next exclusive contest – the 2010 NFL Draft Top 10 Hold Out contest. It will be run similarly to the Tebow contest, but you will be selecting, daily, the top 10 draft pick who will be the last to sign a contract with the team that selected them. That contest does not have a set end date since we have seen draft picks take long into the season to finally sign with their respective teams.

Check back daily after the draft to start making your guesses. The graphic link to the right where Tebow currently is will turn into the link to the new contest.

Here is a reminder of what you could win in the Tebow contest:
Madden NFL Football 10 for the Playstation 3, Turtle Beach Ear Force PX21 Headphones for the PS3, Major League: “The Wild Thing Edition” on Bluray and Nickelback Live at Sturgis on DVD.


I hope you have enjoyed the Tim Tebow Contest experience and wish you all luck. Thank you for being a participating member of the TMR Zoo!