L.A. Lakers Fans Are Idiots And RHCP Drummer Chad Smith Is Their New King

Chad Smith King of the Lakers Douchebag FansIt looks like The Lakers, led by their alleged-rapist captain, took the first game of the 2010 NBA Championships. This did not sit too well for the Boston Celtics fans. I think the hatred for The Lakers in Boston may even sometimes surpass the disdain for the New York Yankees. There is no love between these two teams. The reason for this is L.A. fans don’t know when to shut their mouths. Even the L.A. players tend to be idiots.

There has been a lot of coverage of Pau Gasol (rhymes with sphincter) calling out Kevin Garnett. Does spinster boy really think he can get in Kevin Garnett’s head by calling him old? Pau Sphincter just set himself up for a no win situation. If by some miracle The Lakers win this series Pau Sphincter beat an old dude, no big accomplishment. When The Celtics are pouring champagne over their heads. Pau Sphincter just has his ass handed to him by an aging legend. That is if 34 is aging.

Players like Pau Sphincter are not the biggest problem. The biggest idiots are The Lakers fans themselves. Case in point I reported last summer on Chad Smith’s behavior at a Chickenfoot show at Boston’s waterfront pavilion. Not that it needs to be said but I am a huge Red Hot Chili Peppers and Chickenfoot fan….a Chad Smith fan, not so much. Here is an excerpt from that review.


Chad Smith is a talented drummer and adds more to the live performance than he does the CD. That being said Chickenfoot needs to take away his microphone. Chad felt the need to announce his allegiance to the L.A. Lakers to the Boston audience.

This is nothing new for Bostonians. Plenty of musicians make their way through Boston venues wearing Lakers, Canadiens and Yankees gear. Smith’s comments didn’t stir the audience enough so he had to take it one step further.

Smith decided to be a douche bag and announce he was late getting to the stage because Larry Bird was backstage blowing him. When he still didn’t get enough of a reaction he claimed it was Celtics superstar Kevin Garnett blowing him instead.

I wonder if Smith would say that to Garnett’s face? I think not.

What a stupid thing to say in front of 5,000 Celtics fans drinking beer. If the crowd started pelting Smith with beers who’s fault would it had been if the show went sour? Luckily the show continued without incident and we learned two important things.

Boston audiences are classy and more mature than Chad Smith. Secondly Chad Smith welcomes the idea of a guy blowing him.

Chickenfoot is world class arena rock even though Chad Smith is a world class douche bag. I would not hesitate a second to see this band again. You can read the whole review here.

So now that Garnett is Red Hot Chill Peppers Lakersin L.A. I challenge Chad Smith to ask Garnett for a blow-job. Let’s see how that works out for him. I would even dare the 48 year old moron to try asking the 53 year old legend Larry Bird. Yes Chad Larry is right around your age and I am sure if you made the same blowjob comment to his face he would choke you out the same way he choked out Julius Irving. Dr. wasn’t even stupid enough to ask Larry for head and he got his ass whiped.

Smith will never make the comment to their faces because let’s face it he is a giant pussy.

Jack Nicholson and Spike Lee have nothing on Chad when it comes to being a court-side jackass. So step down Jack, I am crowning Chad Smith King of the Lakers Douchebag Fans. Anthony Keidis and Flea get a pass for now. Thou wearing a ski hat in LA in June is pretty idiotic. Still being an idiot is only par for the course for a Lakers fan. Celtics in 6 bitches.