Little Lupe Fuentes Doesn’t Disappoint on the Howard Stern Show (Pictures)

Little Lupe Fuentes and Sybian inventor Dave Lampert were scheduled to appear on the Howard Stern Show this morning so the two of them could ride the infamous sex machine. Unfortunately, Mr. Lambert, who is pushing 80, fell off of his horse and broke both his hip and pelvis and had to cancel his appearance. Howard still had Lupe in the studio in Dave’s absence, and as always, the little firecracker did not disappoint.

Lupe came into the studio shot out of a cannon and immediately started in with her sexy talk in that ultra-hot Latin accent. We learned much more about Lupe today than in previous appearances, such as the legal battle she is in with her former webmaster over the rights to the name “Little Lupe”. She did not have kind words for her former partner, the words that I could understand at least.

We also learned that Lupe has been having sex with a fat girl lately and she loves it. She found the whole concept amusing that she was into a “fat chick”, but kept saying she was really nice. Howard suggested that Lupe was really a lesbian and she was in love with this girl. Lupe denied it, holding fast to the fact that she was bisexual.

Howard found out that Lupe was extremely ticklish, so instead of a Sybian ride, she was tickled in the studio. The fact that she was so ticklish was confirmed as she almost peed herself. I would highly recommend checking out the replay of the show if you can.

If you are unfamiliar with Little Lupe Fuentes, she is an adult film star who has her own website, but her claim to fame is that she is incredibly small. You can see how small she is in the bottom row of pictures below, especially standing next to Tera Patrick… who is almost kneeling down and the same height as Lupe. Lupe claimed she weighs under 80 pounds.

Click any image below to see the full-sized version in a new frame. The top row of pics is courtesy of

We posted a quick blurb on the appearance yesterday when we found out Dave canceled his appearance… which is controversial since some on the show claim he is not injured and just avoiding the appearance with Lupe. You can see a clip of Lupe saying her famous line “My pussy is like a machine” in that article.

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