Howard Stern Staff and Wack Pack IQ Test Results – Round 2

After several months of build-up, Howard Stern finally revealed the results of the much-hyped round 2 of staff and fan IQ tests. The first round results provided much surprise and controversy both within the fanbase as well as the staff. For this round, the participants included: Bobo the superfan, former intern Steve Grillo, Eric the midget actor, Will the Farter and staff members Mike Gange, John Hein and Will Murray.

Pre-results betting among the on-air staff featured Jon Hein as a heavy favorite, but as the time to reveal the results came closer, Will Murray started getting some action. It finally came time to reveal the results, and in typical reality-show/American Idol fashion, Howard drew the reveal out as long as possible.


Finally, the results were as revealed in this order:
87 – Bobo
90 – Eric the Midget
99 – Steve Grillo
100 – Will the Farter
110 – Mike Gange
121 – John Hein
130 – Will Murray

The favorite, and Jump the Shark creator, Jon Hein fell to fellow staffer Will Murray, but more shocking was how low Jon’s score was compared to what everyone was guessing. Scott DePace, annoying as always, was gloating immediately after the number was revealed since he placed first in the initial contest one point higher with a 122.

The gloating stopped once Will’s score was revealed as 130, 8 points higher than Scott. Scott still would not say that Will was smarter than him after the bit was over.

Howard still insisted he would never have his own IQ tested, so we probably will never see a show where Howard, Fred and Robin’s IQs are tested and revealed. There may not be enough time since their contract with SiriusXM runs out in less than a month with no new news on that front.

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The IQ, which stands for intelligence quotient, results were immediately followed up by a farting and queefing holiday spectacular with Will the Farter and Vivian Von Queef.