Michelle Bombshell McGee Has A Vibe Like Jesse James Ex-wife Pornstar Janine Lindemulder (Photos)

Janine Lindemulder 7It looks like Jesse James’ exwife Janine Lindemulder gets the last laugh. Janine Lindemulder was in a bitter custody dispute with actress Sandra Bullockand and Jesse James which she ultimately lost. During the clash Lindemulder said “she’s a good mother and would like to sit down face-to-face with Bullock as “two women” to discuss the situation”.

In return Sandra Bullock called Lindemulder and her new husband, also a convicted felon, unfit parents. Janine Lindemulder was sentenced to six months in jail after she plead guilty to not paying her taxes. Bullock went as far as writing a letter to the judge at Lindemulder’s sentencing. Bullock alleged that the Lindemulder and James’ child Sunny was left alone during the day while Lindemulder was “asleep from drug use.”

During Lindemulder ‘s incarceration Jesse had custody of their 5 year-old daughter. After Janine’s release from prison Bullock and James blocked her from regaining custody.

I would imagine now Janine Lindemulder is having a laugh at her nemesis’’ expense today. Not only is there allegation of Jesse James cheating with Michelle Bombshell Mcgee; to add insult to injury “bombshell” Mcgee and Janine Lindemulder have a very similar look. I doubt Sandra Bullock is digging the whole tattooed vixen thing. Take a look at the pics and tell us what you think.

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