Howard Stern: Ashley Dupré and Stern Show’s J.D. Harmeyer Hit L.A. for “Dream Date” (video)

They were hyping it up for weeks on the Howard Stern show and the date finally happened. Show staffer J.D. Harmeyer, not known for his charm and luck with the ladies, took Ashley Dupré out on the town in Los Angeles. J.D. was given $5,000 from a sponsor promoting the She’s Out of My League move to “impress” Ashley.

The date actually happened two Fridays ago, but since the Stern Show was on vacation all last week, there was no report last Monday and no talk AT ALL about it today. I can only assume it had been cut for time and will be concentrated on tomorrow or later in the week. The show being “black” was scheduled exclusively so Robin Quivers could travel to Guatemala in an apparent attempt to save the world.

In case you don’t recognize the name, Ashley Alexandra Dupre was the girl at the center of the Governor Spitzer sex scandal… otherwise known as “Spitzer’s Whore.” She currently is the “sex” columnist for the New York Post as well as a singer. Ashley just shot a nude pictoral that will be published in the May 2010 edition of Playboy. posted some video of the couple as they entered and exited the Nobu Restaurant in L.A.:

Since there isn’t much to report, here are a few hot pics of Ashley:

Since Robin traveled to Guatemala against Howard’s advice, her tales of the trip took up most of the show’s time today along with Stern’s praise of the newly passed healthcare bill. Howard also wanted to defend himself on some of the media attacks he was getting for talking about Gabourey Sidibe’s weight.

It would have been a great day for a triumphant return of Artie Lange, but no, it didn’t happen.