Tony Sparano Takes Job In Michigan as NFL Coaching Shake Up Continues

As the coaching shake up in the NFL continues today it looks like one NFL coach took a you can’t fire me I quit attitude. Miami Dolphin’s head coach Tony Sparano was spotted in downtown Detroit today squeegeeing car windows. It seems the embattled Head Coach is leading a bunch of window washers at the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Rosa Parks Blvd.

When asked what he intended to accomplish with his new endeavor Sparno was quick to reply “I want the world to see I can still lead men”. Tony Sparano then added “when I got here this morning these guys were doing maybe 20 windshields an hour. I have these guys working as a team now, we have tripled our production. “let’s see Bill Cowher do that”, he quipped

It was first rumored that Tony Sparano could have been heading to University of Michigan after Rich Rodriguez’s Gator Bowl embarrassment. It seems the University of Michigan’s Big House is not Tony Sparano’s destination. Instead he is leading a crew of guys recently released from Detroit’s Big House – The Ryan Correctional Facility.

Coach Soprano, or T-Spaz as his new associates call him, addressed the checkered past of his new team. “I had Phillip Merling and Tony McDaniel on my roster last year. What makes those guys any better than these guys?” The coach was quick to add starters Ronnie Brown and Will Allen were also booked for DUIs last year.

I guess the south Miami squad is not too different than Tony’s… or should I say T-Spaz’s new team in Detroit.
Tony said he is hoping to branch out and have another crew going by the end of the month. Sparano is looking for an intersection near Grand River Ave. where he is hoping to pick up some of the Rt. 75 action.