Video Game Editorial: PSN Credit Card Security?

I’ve been impacted by the Playstation Network outage as much as the next guy who bought Portal 2 for the PS3 the day before everything went to hell. But it turns out now that the problem is a little bit bigger than “Boo hoo! I can’t play my games online!” Sony Computer Entertainment spokesman Satoshi Fukuoka said in an interview with PC World that not only is the network down, but they have no idea if user credit card information has been compromised or not.

So far we know that Anonymous has denied any involvement in the outage, which makes sense since the event that annoyed them so greatly was the now settled attack by Sony on notorious evil hacker and destroyer of worlds George Hotz. Anonymous has gone so far as to say that the problem could be internal to Sony, onboarding strategy.

But if the problem were internal to Sony they would know that no user information had been compromised and they certainly wouldn’t make the matter worse by publicly admitting they don’t know one way or the other, right? While the portal to PSN is currently operational at PSN Store, any attempt to log on is met with a “Down For Maintenance” message. If you’re concerned for your personal information it doesn’t seem possible as of right now to access your account and remove it.

Sony has yet to announce an official cause for the outage or an ETA for it being back up.

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