Night Shift Brewing Signs Brewery Lease in Everett Ma.

I got to sit down with Night Shift Brewing co-founder Rob Burns last night, over beers of course. Rob was excited to give me the news that Night Shift Brewing has signed off on warehouse space in Everett Ma. For those of you unfamiliar with the area Everett is adjacent to the current Night Shift Brewing base of operations in Somerville Ma.

If you have not yet heard of Night Shift Brewing you soon will. This boozy startup out of Boston is making its mark by brewing “shifted “beers that fall outside of the style guidelines. Their Bee Tee Pale Ale is a great example of the art and imagination of these brewers. Bee Tee is brewed with honey and green tea then fermented with a strain of Belgium yeast.

Night Shift hopes to have operations on their nano-brewing operation rolling by Fall. Hopefully in time for these guys to enter a beer in the GABF. Here is the anoucement from the Night Shift Brewing website there is a similar announcement on their Twitter account.

Brewery Lease Signed! We’re really excited to announce that NSB is one big step closer to production after having signed a great lease on a brewing space in Everett, MA. It’s a great fit for us, only 15 minutes away from our “office” in Somerville, and, equally exciting, is right next to fellow brewery, Idle Hands. Construction begins soon as we look toward ordering equipment and finally getting our license. In the meantime, we of course continue to brew and experiment in the NSB kitchen at home. Can’t wait to eventually bring these recipes to Everett and begin producing Night Shift brews on a large scale for all our awesome supporters!