Suds With Securb: Sonic Outshines Burger King With New Beer Menu of Craft Beers

The fast food industry is finally catching up with their counter parts overseas. Burger King and Sonic restaurants are now serving beer. Burger King “Whopper Bars” recently opened in Miami, Las Vegas and Kansas City. The Burger King locations pump out drafts of the usual American adjunct lagers.

Two Sonic restaurants in South Florida are upping the ante and rolling out a menu of 25 bottled beers. Sonic’s offering is better than your average dive bar and even rivals some beer bars I have been in. This poses the question what kind of pairings will we have at Sonic? Maybe an aggressive American style IPA with my Blazin’ BBQ Loaded Burger. Sonic will also have the usual suspects on tap; an American adjunct lager just might work with my Chicken Strips and sweet dipping sauce.

My big questions are who will be hosing the recycled Whoppers and fries off of the pavement in-front of Burger King. The bigger question is when will McDonalds get in the game? Is the McStout is finding it’s way to a fast food restaurant near you? Can McDonalds make a Stout as thick as their shakes? I guess we will find out in due time.

What I do know is working in fast food just got a bit suckier – if that is possible.