Suds With Securb: Backlash Beer Company Launches This Week in Boston

It seems like brewery startups are popping up all over Boston. There is without a doubt an explosion in nano-breweries and contract brewing going on. This week TMR got an exclusive with Backlash Beer Company. Backlash is headquartered in Boston’s student friendly Brighton area. Brighton is also home to some of Boston’s best beer bars.

As I told Founder Helder Pimentel and Brand Manager Maggie Foley the name and logo of Backlash is very Boston. The stenciled brass-knuckles looks like a throwback to Boston’s hardcore era. As do the names of their beers. Groundswell, Backlash’s inaugural beer is a Belgian Style Blond Ale that will hit Boston taverns this week. The beer is at the distributor and ready to ship on Wednesday.

The follow up to Groundswell will hit next month, Declaration a big west coast style IPA. Pimentel expects Declaration to tip the scales at 7 % ABV. Declaration is being brewed in 10 gallon test batches this weekend. Batch A will have typical west coast c-hops, batch B will be a single hop Cascade ale. Consumers will not get a choice as to which beer will be brewed but Backlash is looking for all the consumer feedback they can get.

Brand Manager Maggie Foley told us Backlash will be adding a barcode to the back of each beer. This barcode when scanned by a smartphone or tablet will bring consumers to a ratings and comments page.

I would suggest Boston beer fans subscribe to Backlash’s social media outlets. As new taverns and beer bars are added to Backlash’s portfolio of clients small events will be announced all over the city of Boston. Hopefully this events are held at locations with great jukeboxes. I want to listen to a little old school Boston hardcore while I enjoy my Backlash.