Howard Stern Show: Ariana Loken is Miss Howard TV for July 2011 (PICS)

This morning on his Sirius XM Satellite Radio Show Howard Stern introduced the Miss Howard TV spokes model for July of 2011, Ariana Locken. Like many Miss Howard TVs before her, Ariana is a Playboy webcam girl. To see her showing off her goods on the internet it’s going to cost you… $5.99 per minute.

Ariana touches herself on camera, but in her own words, she “doesn’t get crazy”. She previously would use a “cockpop” in her cam shows, but Playboy put a stop to that. She didn’t know why but assumed it was to keep a good girl images going.

Howard started grilling her about boyfriends and sex partners and she talked about how she was on a break from her boyfriend, but they still have sex. This led to her biggest revelation… she has a very tiny butthole. You can imagine where the conversation went from there.

Below are a few pics of July’s Miss Howard TV, Ariana. The pics of her in the leopard print bikini are from this morning’s show and courtesy of Click any of the thumbnail images below to see the full-sized version:

Later on in the interview we learned that Ariana waxes her mom’s butt and that she has a tiny butthole as well. Her mom came into the studio to confirm it. The two said the waxing was weird at first, but now, not so much. Ariana says she tried to wax her mom’s vagina lips sometimes and mom has no problem with that.


As always, we will post Miss Howard TV’s official bikini photoshoot after the guys on the Stern Show complete it. To see our previous Miss Howard TV galleries, click here.