Hell’s Kitchen Season 9, Epsiode 2 Recap/Review: The Men Self-Implode

Last night on Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Ramsey opened the show by waking the chefs with some little punk kid jamming on his guitar, with amps larger than him. Apparently this got a higher vote in the daily staff meeting than having Ramsey go through the dorm banging the tops of pans, which would have been considered passé’, considering his profession. He told them he wanted them to get back to basics after the abysmal service from the night before when patrons walked out of the Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant en masse. All Brendan cared about was seeing Carrie in her short PJs.

Their first task was to create a perfect filet minion, rib eye, New York strip, and burger on grills. He set them up in teams and away they went.

Krupa and Amanda were up first and they were perfect all around. Brendan and Jonathon had a raw NY strip, a perfect rib eye, a perfect filet, and an awful burger that Ramsey likened to a turd. Etc… etc… until the score was 10-7 and it was up to Will to save it or lose it for the Blue Team. He was perfect, going 4 for 4 and winning the competition.

For winning, the Blue Team got to Palm Springs to enjoy a very nice lunch at a spa. This gave them the opportunity to know each other in a more intimate setting and more importantly, they got to know Gordo outside of the kitchen where he’s actually a human being.

The Red Team, on the other hand, had to take all of the meat that was just cooked and after Suis Chef Andi pureed it for them, they had to drink it. While this was quite gross, especially the part where a couple of them were hurling, this also gave us the absolute best line of the night, and possibly a long shot for the best line of the season at this early stage, when Elise said, “ Carrie looks like she’s enjoying it. She looks like she’s had a lot of meat in her mouth.”

When the men came back from lunch, Carrie started complaining that she wasn’t getting enough exercise. Brendan grabbed her arm and said, “I know how we can burn some calories.” And they disappeared into a room, closing the door behind them. And here we go… What is it with this show and contestants going after each other? Last season it was Jay and Holli going at it in the hot tub (like you could ever forget that?). At least this season these two are being more discreet.

At the dinner service (finally), Ramsey had problems with a brisket they tried to give him, saying it looked like a piece of crap. This is something he really seems to be having a problem with this episode.

Chino can’t seem to get a pan of risotto right. Ramsey told him if he screwed it up again, he was dragging him out.

Carrie was at a table making a salad for the table, and then suddenly realized that she was at the wrong table. Awkward…. But Krupa came over and saved her ass and got her back on track. She would have been doing much better if she was concentrating on making the salads and not flirting with the guys at the tables. What is with this chick anyway?? She’s not that good looking.

At one point, Ramsey stopped everything and asked Brendan if the bass he was holding was the same fish that he turned away ten minutes earlier. Brendan said, “No, I threw that fish away.” Ramsey didn’t believe him and wanted to see it. After Brendan searched and couldn’t find it, Ramsey asked him again, “Is that bass old?” Finally Brendan admitted that it was and he was lying. Surprisingly, Ramsey didn’t rip his head off, but told him next time he was gone.

In the Red kitchen, Elise has taken over and was directing the other contestants like they were her employees. Pointing at everyone and giving orders. At least she was, until Ramsey came in and gave her a ration of his own. As soon as he left the kitchen, she started her shtick again. I can’t see them putting up with her crap too long.

Back in the Blue kitchen, Tommy sent up an overcooked duck that set them back yet again. They still haven’t gotten a single entrée out. These guys better get their collective heads out of their asses or they will all be gone soon.

Meanwhile, the Red kitchen was rocking. That is, until Krupa dropped an entire rack of prime rib on the floor while carving it table side. Yeah, that will slow you down some.

In the Blue Kitchen, Ramsey had enough of the craziness. Brendan brought up an undercooked bass and that was the final straw for him. Ramsey shut the kitchen down and sent the entire Blue Team up to the dorm. He moved half of the Red Team in to take over.

Back in the Red kitchen, the girls were rolling again, with half of the people in there that were previously causing logjams. They got their entrees out and were an actual team.

In the dorm, the men were tearing each other apart, pointing fingers and playing the blame game. Finally, they had to face Ramsey and when asked, they were all unanimous in picking Brendan and Chino. At least they agreed on something.

Standing in front of Ramsey, Brendan apologized for lying about the fish and said it was not a reflection of who he is. Chino told Ramsey that he was better than Brendan and he wasn’t done in Hell’s Kitchen yet.
Ramsey selected Brendan to leave Hell’s Kitchen. He just could not get past the lying. With a shout out to his new friend Carrie to give him a call. Ramsey then asked for one of the women to volunteer to go over to the Men’s team. But the guys declined, saying that they would rather stay with the six they have.
I have a feeling that this was not a smart decision on their part. It seems that they could use someone in there to lead them. They certainly haven’t shown any signs whatsoever that there’s a single person amongst the remaining six that is capable.