Denise Richards on the Howard Stern Show (Bikini Pics + Video)

Denise Richards, co-star of Blue Mountain State and former wife of Charlie Sheen, stopped by the Howard Stern Show this morning. Her appearance was to promote her new book that is being released today, The Real Girl Next Door, and Blue Mountain State on Spike TV.

During the interview they talked about the book, and some Charlie Sheen, but the one thing the Stern crew became fixed on what her admission that she said had sex with another female celebrity. She would name names though.

As the interview was wrapping, Benjy chimed in saying he was on a “20 questions” website and said he could determine who the mystery female sex partner was. Denise reluctantly played along and answered the 20 questions… which quickly became more like 50. She became more entertained by the line of questioning as it went on. She was even more entertained when the list of candidates was posted and her own name was #3 on the list. (Update: There was no computer, it was all improvised)

We’re still not sure if there really was a website or it was just Benjy shtick, but it worked in keeping the interview fresh and getting Denise talking some more.

If you want to put a face to the voice on the radio, or a bikini-clad body, just click any of the thumbnail images below for a full-sized version. The pic of her in the purple dress is from this morning’s appearance and courtesy of

As for the dress, Howard couldn’t stop raving about during and after the interview. The fact that she said she had no panties under it helped.

Below is a video clip from Howard TV featuring the “lesbian experience” discussion with Denise:

You can see the entire uncensored video on Howard TV, Stern’s On demand cable network. Check out for details and click here for everything Howard Stern at the TMR Zoo.