AFC Divisional Playoff: Tim Tebow the Saint vs Tom Brady the Sinner

I am loving how this NFL season has come to the battle of good and evil. We have Denver Bronco’s Quarterback, Saint Tim Tebow the bible thumping, tea-toddling, virgin going head to head with New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady. You know the Tom Brady that had a kid out of wedlock and walked away from the mother to hang with lingerie models.

The same Tom Brady whose coach and mentor got fined a half million dollars and a first round draft pick for cheating. Could this be the same Tom Brady that recently told his fans to get “lubed up” before the game? Then told the press he was talking about hydrating? Yes, this is the same guy who lets his wife and the mother of his children parade around in her underwear for money. There is no way this could also be the same Tom Brady that is currently being sued by photographers that were shot at outside of his wedding?  Yes that Tom Brady.


When you stand up homeschooled Timmy next to Brady admit it Brady looks like Satan himself. If you asked Tim Tebow to honestly access Tom Brady’s life I think Tim would have to reluctantly tell us, Tom Brady is a sinner. Tim would have to tell us the truth, he would never lie.

So lets break this down in biblical terms. How both Quarterbacks stack up against the The 7 Deadly Sins? Or as Timmy Tebow would call them Capital Vices. Let’s start with Tim Tebow, it looks like Tim is 0- 7 on the sins. Let’s take a look at Tom Terrific now

Sin #1  is “Lust”. Let’s all agree Tom has this sin all nailed down. Number 2 on the sin hit list is “Gluttony”. I would think encouraging your fans to get lubed up and over consume alcohol would fall into this category.

I will give Tom Brady a pass on sin #3, “Greed” but we should revisit this on his next and what should be his last contract negotiation. Tom Brady knocks sin #4 out of the park. “Acedia or Sloth” is the neglect to take care of something that one should do. Knocking up a woman seems to be something you should take care of. That means doing a bit more than writing a check.

Anyone who has watched Brady during a losing outing knows he is definitely guilty of sin #5 “Wrath” also known as rage. Ask any wide receiver that has dropped one of Tom Brady’s passes if Tom Terrific can rage. Coming in at #6 is “Envy”.  I am sure that every minute Tom Brady sat on the bench watching Drew Bledsoe, Tom was wishing he was the one under center. Tom got his wish when his teammate and friend was injured and taken out of the game during a playoff run.

Last but not least is sin #7, “Pride”. I defer to the press conference before the Pats/Giants superbowl when Tom Brady laughed at Plaxico Burress’ final score prediction.

“We’re only going to score 17 points?” Brady said before chuckling about it. “OK. Is Plax playing defense? Brady only scored 14 points that day losing the Superbowl and flushing a perfect season down the drain.

So it looks like Tom Brady is 6 – 1 on the sin score, with plenty of time to nail down #7. So how does this all translate to football terms? Tom Brady is going to hell, Tim Tebow is going to the AFC conference championship. The last time there was this much interest in a white Bronco, OJ Simpson was in it.