Mitch Fatel and Fiance / Girlfriend Jessica Mayhugh on the Howard Stern Show (PICS)

This morning on the Howard Stern Radio Show, stand-up comedian Mitch Fatel and his girlfriend Jessica Mayhugh popped into the studio. This was a mere minutes before Howard had Chelsea Handler in for an extended interview. As usual on the Stern Show, the conversation quickly turned to Mitch and Jessica’s sex life… and then it stayed there for the rest of the interview.

We learned that Mitch and Jessica like to share a women in bed pretty often, but Jessica has to pick them out or at least approve them. The couple have sex at least three times a day and Jessica says not having it for two days or more affects her mood and she is intolerable. The couple likes to go to strip clubs together and try to pick up one of the strippers and get her to come back to their apartment.

The two haven’t brought a guy into bed yet, but it sounds like it is on the horizon in one of those “it’s only fair” scenarios. Mitch didn’t seem too keen on the but he didn’t really have any room to complain with the amount of chicks he’s shared with his wife.

Here are a few shots we’ve found of Jessica. Click any image to see the full-sized version of the pic:

Below is the “ass” pic Mitch and Jessica discussed on the show. Click the pic to see it uncensored:

The couple currently host a show on SiriusXM called “Sex and Swinging with Mitch and Jessica”. You can guess about what the subject matter is. For more infor about Mitch, check out his Facebook Page or follow him on Twitter @mitchfatel … where you can see the picture they talked about on the air with both of their asses showing.

The full interview will be featured on Howard TV, Howard’s On Demand cable network. Check out to find out when it will air.