Move Over Lingerie Football, Here Comes the Bikini Basketball League (PICS)

bikini basketball association forms

I like the direction this is heading…

First we had the creation of the LFL, the Lingerie Football League. Now, according to their website, the Bikini Basketball Association has been officially formed. A countdown timer on the site is telling us that it will be here in 35 days and currently targeting “Sexy Athletic Ladies from around the world.”

According to the site, there are seven teams in big cities across the country so far… the Atlanta Fleet Angels, Miami Spice, New York Knockouts, Hollywood Hotties, Orlando Lady Cats, L.A. Ice and Chicago Desire.

In case anyone in the Philadelphia area is considering creating a team, there is a certain website headquartered there that will provide you with thorough coverage.

Below are some images from the Bikini Basketball Association Twitter feed – @bikiniball:

Stay tuned for more details as they emerge… this is gonna be good.