Melanie Brown (Mel B) on the Howard Stern Show (Bikini Pics)

This morning on the Howard Stern Radio Show, Howard’s fellow judge on America’s Got Talent, and former Spice Girl Melanie Brown was in the studio. Mel B was in to promote her upcoming single ‘For Once in my Life’ and a bit of the AGT finale.

Howard started in with some AGT stories, such as Mel slapping Howie Mandel on the air recently, but then jumped right into her sex life. Howard described her view on sex “like a guy” and will get it where she can. Mel sounded like a guy dropping the F-Bomb left and right. It sounds like Mel has gotten it where she could in the past… guy or girl. She admitted that she was in love with a woman in the past.

Based on her interest on girls, Howard pressed Mel for an answer to the question of which of her fellow AGT judges would she sleep with if she had to. Howard kept saying it was Heidi Klum, but Mel wouldn’t answer. Then Howard grilled Mel on “bringing women into bed” with her husband. Again, no dirt was forthcoming.

The best news of the day was that Mel B has made out with every single one of her fellow Spice Girls.

Howard kept remarking about how great Mel B’s body is, so see for yourself…

Mel B on the Howard Stern Show Hot Bikini Gallery:

The full Mel B interview will be aired on, Howard Stern’s On Demand Cable channel. It will air uncensored so you will hear the hundreds of F-bombs Mel drops without bleeps.