Fox News Shows Live Suicide on Air (Shocking Video)

Fox News accidently broadcast a live suicide yesterday in Arizona. Fox News was covering a police chase on Rt. 10 west of Phoenix when the man driving the small vehicle stopped, ran into the desert and appeared to place a handgun to his head and fire.

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith told viewers minutes later that the video was supposed to be on a delay. After a commercial break, Smith said “we really messed up, and we’re all very sorry.”

This live video is graphic and not for the faint hearted. This is not the first time a suicide has been caught on live TV.

Treasurer of Pennsylvania R. Budd Dwyer was convicted of having accepted a bribe in the 80’s. On January 22, 1987, the day before his sentencing called a press conference and professed his innocence. R. Budd Dwyer then said “Please, please leave the room if this will…if this will affect you ” before shooting himself in the head with a Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum.

This video is just as disturbing.