NFL Week 6, 2013 Picks, Predictions and Stone Cold Locks – Against the Spread, Totals and Money Line

Welcome to NFL Week 6! Last week’s picks saw pretty nice profits against the spread. It turns out the Bears are not who we thought they were vs. the Saints, the Giants are in fact who we thought they were, and the Cowboys and Broncos scored so many points that Al Gore demanded a recount. We went 2-1 on the day and gained 5.25 units to pull us out of the red. That moves our new total to 8-8 and up 3.65 units. Riot’s Rundown went 7-4 and gives us a very nice yearly total of 36-18. Let’s keep it going with this week’s picks!

 New Orleans Saints @ New England Patriots -2.5:

For as susceptible as the Saints have looked early in the season, on the road, I do not think that is the case anymore.  Gronk will not be able to play for the Pats, so Tom Brady will continue being an elite QB throwing to subpar receivers. The Saints defense is much improved. (I wonder how hard Rob Ryan laughed last Sunday as Dallas gave up 52). Drew Brees continues to be on another level. I think the Saints get the early game upset! Saints +110 5 Units

Carolina Panthers @ Minnesota Vikings -2.5:

Vikings have one of the worst pass defenses and Panthers have one of the worst passing attacks, so what happens when flimsy meets easily stopped? We will find out today! On Paper, Panthers should win this game. They have the better defense and a decent rushing attack. However, given the week that AP has had, his fans will not stop cheering for him until their voices give out. That place is going to be rocking. Vikes also coming off a Bye. I will take the Vikes here. Vikings -2.5 -110 to win 3 Units

Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys -5.5:

We were right about the shoot-out last week. The biggest problem the Dallas Defense has is that they simply are not that good. They are filled with people who were great 5 years ago. Their names have stayed the same, but their play is not the same. They have man coverage CB’s trying to play Zone Coverage. Their only hope is to get pressure on the QB and rush his throws. They didn’t do it to Manning, and it will be a tough task to do against RG3. RG3 has only been sacked 7 times this season, that’s among the lowest in the NFL. Washington always seems to hang tough with Dallas and beat them. I’ll take the points here. Redskins +5.5 -110 to win 3 Units.

Riots Rundown 36-18: (Winning picks in the bold)

Bengals @ Bills
Lions @ Browns
Raiders @ Chiefs
Steelers @ Jets
Eagles @ Buccaneers
Packers @ Ravens
Rams @ Texans
Jaguars @ Broncos
Titans @ Seahawks
Cardinals @ 49ers
Colts @ Chargers