Become the Creative Director of a Popular Adult Website

Our friends over at are currently running a very interesting contest… an opportunity to win a one-year contract for employment. No, no, please tuck that idea of becoming a porn star back away in your wildest dreams. The job is a paid opportunity to become the creative director of the website.

The contest challenge seems straightforward enough… per their website, you are to submit exciting, thought- provoking or entertaining ideas for an ad campaign that could be featured on TV, Magazines, Billboards, Busses and more! That means your design must be “Safe for Work” if you could’t read between those lines.

The main guidelines are that the idea must be original and contain the official PornHub logo, along with the requirement listed above about it being safe for work and appropriate to be seen everywhere. For the official rules and submission guidelines, check out

It may sound like an easy task for those who are graphically inclined, but it will be quite the task. As opposed to internet advertising, where you can show a little skin and people will click, conveying the message through mainstream media will be challenging. You need to promote Pornhub through a G-rated ad campaign without risk of offending, while still being a bit cheeky and fun.

If you can win this contest, the prize is a one year contract to become the full-time creative director of the site. You and the PornHub team will take your winning design and develop your vision into a national advertising campaign.

If you are up for the challenge, head on over to contest page via the link above and grab the branding assets package you’ll need to create your design. The main contest page also shows some of the latest entries so you can see what you’re up against.

Good luck on your journey to get into porn.