Gary Dell’Abate “Throws Out” The First Pitch at the Mets Game (video)

Taken DVD covervideo inside post They have been talking about it for weeks on the Howard Stern Show. Baba Booey had been obsessing about it, even talking to a sports psychiatrist about it, so what happened when it came time for Gary Dell’Abate, the long-time Stern Show producer, to throw out the first pitch when the New York Mets hosted the Pittsburgh Pirates this weekend? Just watch…


and from a different angle…


You’ve been practicing for weeks Gary? How much did that Psychiatrist cost you? How much will the next psychiatrist cost you after you won’t stop hearing about this for weeks at work?

I’ll give Gary a pass though… the event was in conjunction with Autism Awareness Day and for a very good cause. Besides, he had a Mets jersey on… did you think he was going to come through in the clutch?