Uncharted 2 Double Cash Weekend Returns

PlayStation Blog US is announcing that this coming weekend will be a Double Cash Weekend on Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, in conjunction of today’s release of the Siege Expansion Pack downloadable content.

The most significant portion to the Siege Expansion Pack is the new Siege co-op game type. You can read impressions of Siege from these IGN and GameSpot reviews of the Siege Expansion Pack. Since we started testing Siege internally, up through last week’s sessions with reviewers, I’ve really enjoyed the complexities of Siege. It’s not as simple as defending pre-defined locations against waves of NPCs: Between the different vulnerabilities of each new location and the lack (or abundance) of weapon pickups, you’ll find yourself testing out interesting new strategies to maximize your points and cash.

Let us know if you’ll be partaking in some Siege gameplay.

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