Will Kim Kardashian Be Picking Up A New Running Back In The 2010 NFL Draft?

Kim Kardashian 9Reality star Kim Kardashian was dumped by New Orleans Saints Running Back Reggie Bush immediately after the Saints Superbowl win. Kardashian who got more camera time during the sporting event than Bush or even Brett Farve has made no attempts to hide she is back on the market.

Our sources tell us that Kardashian could be in New York tonight to check out the new crop of young Running Backs in the NFL Draft. We were wondering why it was so important to Kim that her new love interest was once again a NFL Running Back. The answer we got was. “Kim has thunderous thighs and huge ghetto booty. She needs a guy with the power to break through a defensive line to bust through those thighs.”

It makes sense, we are wondering if Kim is going to select a Running Back in the second or third round seeing she already used her first round pick on Reggie Bush.

She could trade up and pick up Clemson stud C.J. Spiller by trading her 2nd round pick and sisters Khloé and Kourtney to St Louis. I am sure the Rams offensive line will find some use for the sisters before or after the games.

So with no further delay here are the top ten RB prospects in tonights draft. I am sure these guys are on the wish list of many offensive coordinators and Kim Kardashian . Of course  we included some pictures of Kim Kardashian’s ghetto booty for reference.

1. C.J. Spiller, Clemson
2. Jonathan Dwyer, Georgia Tech
3. Ryan Mathews, Fresno State
4. Jahvid Best, California
5. Joe McNight, USC
6. Toby Gerhart, Stanford
7. Montario Hardesty, Tennessee
8. Dimitri Nance, Arizona Stata
9. Charles Scott, LSU
10. Keiland Williams, LSU

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