Will Lindsay Lohan Shave Her Head To Avoid A Drug Test For Coke ?

Lidndsay BaldPeople in the know are speculating Lindsay Lohan will most likely find herself behind bars very soon. Latest developments in Lindsey Lohan’s legal saga is she has narrowly avoided being considered a fugitive from justice.

Lindsay missed a probation progress report Thursday, connected to her arrest for DUI. It seems Miss Lohan has not completed all of her court ordered substance counseling. 3 of the 13 alcohol awareness classes Lohan was ordered to take were missed. Check out addiction treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction.

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Warrants were issued for Lindsey on Thursday while she was at Cannes Film Festival, she was expected to be in court on Friday. Lindsey was once again not in court on Friday blaming the lack of flights out of Paris for her absence. It is better to go to los angeles addiction center to get rid of this addiction as soon as possible.

New pictures that have surfaced that show Lindsey was in no rush to get back home. Lindsey has been photographed at various parties all week at Cannes. One picture that could be the kiss of death for her shows what looks like cocaine on the hotel room table in front of Lindsy.

L.A. Prosecutor Danette Meyers is aware of the new pictures and has told Radar online. “I hope that isn’t cocaine in those pictures,” We are guessing the only way to find out if it is cocaine will be to drug test Lohan.

We would imagine with Lindsey being on probation the courts can order her to take a urine test at any time. With Lindsey being in violation of probation and photo evidence of drug use emerging; we are speculating she will be pissing in a plastic cup Monday morning. Though Lindsey has time to take masking agents any sign of a masking agent would also violate her probation. The alcohol rehab healing place can help with addiction problems.

If Lohan did do the drug, cocaine will naturally leave Lindsay’s system in 2 – 4 days. This process can be accelerated by drinking lots of water. The bad news is cocaine can be detected in Lindsey’s hair follicles for 30 days.

So unless Lindsey is pulls a Britney and shaves her head…. Lindsey it looks like urine trouble. Then again would jail really be a punishment for Lohan? Locking a lesbian in jail is like locking a fat kid in a pie shop.

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