Ashton Kutcher Denies Cheating Allegations. Do We Really Believe Him?

Anyone following the news has probably seen the battle brewing betwtween Aston Kutcher and Star magazine? Star reported Demi Moore’s husband and boy toy was caught making out with a random blonde.

An eyewitness tells Star Magazine he saw Kutcher “kissing and groping a hot young blonde” at Italian restaurant Madeo in Los Angeles. “He was totally making out with her. I was shocked to see him sucking face with a girl who obviously wasn’t Demi.”

Of course Ashton denies the allegations. Is this a shocker? Eddie Murphy already taught us that men will always deny when caught cheating.

From Eddie Murphy – Raw: I know a man got busted coming out of another woman’s house. Show you how far a woman will stoop. He got busted coming out of another woman’s house. His woman saw him come out, knew that the woman lived there and didn’t say shit.

Wait till they got home and said: “What the hell was you doing in that bitch’s house?” You know what the man said? “Wasn’t me.”…”I looked right in your face!”…”Wasn’t me.”….”Well, I’m supposed to be a fool, right?”…”Hey…Wasn’t me.”…You know what the woman said? “Maybe it wasn’t you.”

We have even seen the denial on the Presidential level.  Big Billy Clinton said “It depends on what part of the person is touching the other person.” and  “It depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is”  God I miss Clinton. As we saw with Clinton in some cases the wife will stand by her man. No matter how guilty he is. If there is something here I think that would also be the case with The Kutchers. Unless Ashton has a Tiger/Jesse James scandal unravel Demi isn’t going anywhere.

With that in mind I am a strong believer in “where there is smoke there is fire” I look at Ashton’s desperate Tweets as a sign that Star Magazine may be onto something. If the tabloid is false why not just ignore the Supermarket rag? This is not the first time someone has posted erroneous information on Kutcher. One magazine actually called him brilliant.

This is also not Star Magazine’s first day at the rodeo. Would they be this irresponsible reporting information that could damage a marriage without fact? We could be waiting for the other shoe to drop. Tiger’s nightmare all started with a fender bender. You only need a spark to start a forest fire. Remember “where there is smoke there is fire”

For clarification: The picture above is Ashton kissing Katherine Heigl on a movie set not the alleged mystery blonde. Seeing he is running around tweeting about law suits we want to be clear as a bell here.