Howard Stern: Jenna Presley Plays “Win Sal’s Money” In Studio (Pics)

This morning, adult film star and “call girl” Jenna Presly (not Pressly or Prestley. Presley, like the King), was in the Howard Stern Show studio in an attempt to “Win Sal’s Money.” Up for grabs was $5,000 and a Sony Internet TV, and if Jenna lost, she had to ride the Sybian sex machine.

The contest went on and Jenna only answered one question correctly against Sal’s four… which was amazing for him. Since Jenna did not win, the TV went to Wendy the Retard, who, when asked, did not know that you do not put a TV in your ass.

Jenna’s interview prior to the contest was another interesting one. We found out that she charged $3,000 a “date”, but only $2,500 if you are a regular. She is also a very religious church-going pornstar and talked about her recent baptism where she came out of the water in her white gown as it clinged to her huge boobs.

What church was that again?

Jenna went on to talk about some of her celebrity “bangs” and how she has a virgin ass because she is saving it for marriage. If you don’t know what Jenna looks like, enjoy the eye candy below. Click any thumbnail to open the full-sized version of the pic:

Owning up to the terms of her loss, Jenna then hopped on the Sybian for a great ride. Check out Howard TV, Stern’s On Demand cable channel, to find out when the contest and Sybian ride will be aired. To see all previous Miss Howard TV girls, and all other Howard Stern news and information, use the orange navigation bar above under “Everything Else” and “Babes”.

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