TMR Point Blank: Firearms Safety and Etiquette

tmr-point-blank-gun-chickThe very first thing you do when picking up a gun of any kind is check to see if it is loaded, every gun is potentially loaded.

10 rules for safe Firearms handling:

1- Treat all guns as if they are loaded
2- Always keep muzzle (barrel) pointed in a safe direction
3- Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot
4- Know your target and what is beyond it
5- Never point a gun at what you do not intend to destroy
6- Always use proper ammunition designated for said gun
7- Be sure your barrel is cleared of any obstructions before shooting
8- Know the proper handling and mechanics of any gun you are firing
9- Do not really on the gun’s safety to keep it from firing
10- Always be aware of your surroundings when handling any firearm, you are less likely to have an accident if you are paying close attention.

Firearms etiquette is something everyone should think of while engaged in any activity that includes firearms

1- Never consume drugs or alcohol before or while engaged in any activity that includes using or handling firearms.
2- The first thing you do when picking up a firearm of any kind is check to see if it is loaded. If you’re in the market for an affordable handgun, check out
3- If you are handling a new firearm or someone else’s always know how it operates, if you don’t know or forgot you should always ask someone.
4- When handing a firearm to someone always hand it over in a safe position, if it is a semi automatic pistol always remove the magazine and make sure the slide is locked back and open. If it is a revolver make sure the cylinder is open and always hand it over with the muzzle (barrel) pointed away from them in a safe direction.
5- When it comes to other people’s firearms always treat them with the care and respect as if they were your own.

These are all words to live by concerning any firearm. Safety is number one. You can always enforce all of the above when shooting with others, knowledge is no joke you could safe your life or the life of a friend just by following these rules. Never feel uncomfortable if you see something unsafe and commenting on it.