Howard Stern Replay: Roxy Jezel is the Prize in the Mexican Delivery Game (PICS)

I usually don’t post about the Howard Stern Show “Best Of” or “History Of” shows, but I heard a pretty sexy British accent on my ride in to the office this morning and had to look the girl up as soon as I got to my PC. The Howard Stern Show was playing a “This Day in Howard Stern History” show today and they aired an old clip where they were playing the “Mexican Delivery Game”. I didn’t recall the date, but it was nice to hear Artie Lange in the studio once again.

Pornstar Roxy Jezelle was the “prize” in the game, should the Mexican delivery boy choose to accept her. The rules of the game are simple… the show staff places a food order for delivery and when the Mexican delivery guy arrives, he is escorted into the studio and offered, through a translator, a series of “Let’s make a deal” questions. The first offer was a $20 tip or seeing Roxy’s boobs. The offers increased up to a $100 tip or Roxy rubbing her bare boobs on the Mexican and we has allowed to grope her.

In this case, much to Roxy’s delight, the delivery man rejected all monetary offers and took the girl. It didn’t sound like she could take the rejection if he didn’t.

Here are some pics of Roxy Jezel to put a face, and body, to the sexy voice. I was just as surprised as you are to see that she is Asian. Click away…

If you want to see “more” of Roxy, pics are not too hard to find. In fact, just by doing a Google image search of her name I saw a pic of her with all three holes filled at the same time… if you’re in to that sort of thing.

Oh, and before you go on your “What the F! Howard is only doing THREE live shows a week now” rant, it is only for this week as he explained earlier in the week. Next week they are going back to the Monday through Thursday live schedule.

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