Pau Gasol Blames a Teammate For Sabotaging His Relationship with His Girlfriend Silvia Lopez Castro (PICS)

It looks like a famous L.A. Laker may have got involved with another teammate’s relationship once again. We all remember when backed into a corner with allegations of rape and infidelity future Hall of Famer and current weasel Kobe Bryant threw ALL of his teammates under the bus. Kobe proclaimed he wasn’t the only L.A. Laker that cheated on the road ultimately fracturing Shaquille O’Neil’s marriage.

Shaq responded with his impromptu rap in a New York club that had the hooky chorus “Kobe tell me how my ass taste?” Now is seems that Mr. Bryant’s wife may have got involved with Pau (rhymes with sphincter) Gasol’s relationship. reported:

The insider, who is affiliated with the Lakers, told that Pau’s girlfriend SYLVIA and a teammates wife (who will remain nameless) became good friends. And two weeks ago Pau was ROCKED by news that his girlfriend/fiancé DUMPED HIM.

While Kobe and his wife are not mentioned in the story there is a picture of the alleged rapist  and confirmed weasel standing next to Pau (rhymes with sphincter) Gasol in the story. It seem that Pau is beyond pissed off about the situation and blames the un-named teamate and his wife. As you can see by the pictures his ex Sylvia was quite the little biscuit Pau has a right to be pissed. So Kobe tell us…how does Pau Gasol’s ass taste? Better than Shaqs?