Joakim Noah Pays Half The Fine Kobe Bryant Did For Using The Same Gay Slur (Video)

Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah was fined $50,000 on Monday for getting caught on camera calling a fan a fucking faggot. We all know if the camera didn’t catch it this would be a non-issue. Unfortunately for Joakim Noah his misdeed made it onto the airways. Earlier in the year Los Angeles Lakers star and alleged rapist Kobe Bryant was caught directing the same slur to a referee. Kobe’s fine?…one hundred thousand dollars. So why is the word faggot worth twice as much in L.A.? Are all NBA fines cut in half in Chicago?

This is just another example of professional sports officiating gone array once again. I am not suggesting the NBA create a fine schedule for every gay slur. I just think if the word faggot cost Kobe $100,000 it should cost Joakim Noah $100,000.

We have seen NBA stars like Charles Barkley spit on a 5 year old girl and only get fined  $10,000. Ron Artest jumped in the stands and beat the bag out of a fan. This head case is still allowed to play the game.

Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah didnt physically assault anyone, still he is no choir boy. On May 25, 2008, Noah was arrested for possession of marijuana in Gainesville, Florida. That being said this is his first major indiscretion on the court, let’s hope it is his last. If you ask Los Angeles Lakers star and alleged rapist Kobe Bryant I bet he would say Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah got off easy.