Whitney Cummings is Very Candid on the Howard Stern Show (PICS)

Whitney Cummings visited the Howard Stern Show once again this morning but this appearance was a bit different from previous ones. After promoting the second season of her sitcom “Whitney” for a bit, she admitted that the negative reviews and criticisms hit her pretty hard, especially since most of them were so personally attacking.

After she poured her heart out about her feelings about her critics, she went into a very candid description about how she helped her sister get into rehab and put her on the road to being clean. It sounded like her sister’s story was heading towards a tragic ending if Whitney hadn’t intervened and busted her ass to obtain and then send her to rehab.

Whitney described herself as Liam Neeson in Taken when trying to track down her sister. She did get in touch with the drug dealer on the phone and gave something similar to Neeson’s “I have a very particular set of skills” speech from the movie. She went into detail and Howard remarked that it sounded like she “roasted” the drug dealer’s manhood over the phone. It must have worked since he complied and personally accompanied Whitney’s sister on the flight to her.

One of the first things Howard had Whitney do when she entered the studio was take off her stockings. He didn’t like them. The pic of her removing them is below as well as some other Whitney fare. Click away:

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