Wild Card Sunday 2012 Picks, Predictions and Stone Cold Locks – Against the Spread, Totals and Money Line

The first half of the Wildcard is in the books! Green Bay and Houston will fight on, the Vikings and Bengals see their late season rallies end in vein. The only thing that we can hope for now is that today’s games will be much more interesting then they were yesterday. I must admit, I was somewhat intrigued when it was announced that Ponder was out and Webb would be playing. I thought they would execute a nice read option, but it didnt turn out to well… 

Onto today’s games!

Colts @ Ravens (-7.5): Just when you think the Colts had  the emotional edge with the return of head coach Chuck Pagano, Ray Lewis decides to go and announce he will retire of the season. Still… Advantage Colts. The Colts are coming in hot and the Ravens finished the season 1-4, but still the Ravens are favored by over a touchdown. The Ravens are not who I thought they were at the beginning of the season when I picked them as one of my teams in the “One of these 5 teams will in the Superbowl” list, but I am not ready to put them on the shelf next to the Bears. The Ravens will win this game because they are a veteran team and the post season is a whole different ball game. They are at home, and I think they will roll, but lets be careful to not get caught in a back door cover. Ravens -6.5 -145 (3 Units)

Seahawks (-2.5) @ Redskins: Well this game sucks for me. As a cowboy fan, I will have to hear RG3/Willson has the same amount of playoff wins as Romo untill next year, when Dallas will tank again and it will be RG3/Willson has MORE playoff wins then Romo. Lose-Lose. As for this game, I was not overwhelmed with what the Redskins did against the Cowboys. i guaranteed they would win, but RG3 appears to be missing a gear. The read option tore apart the Dallas defense, but this Seattle defense is not Dallas. I think Seattle will find the holes in the Redskins defense and get up early. This will be a fin game to watch, but i think it gets out of hand late. Sorry Redskins fans. Feel free to bash me if I lose.

Seahawks ML -160 (5 units)

Seahawks -6.5 (+155) (2 units)

There we have it. Best of luck to your teams if they are playing. i look forward to the Divisional round!