New England Patriots WR Julian Edelman Could Be Shipped to The Packers

The last few days more and more information about Julian Edelman’s alleged sexual assault is surfacing. It seems Julian dressed as Lt. Jim Dangle from “Reno 911! decided to allegedly give a young lady an unwelcomed cavity search on a dance floor at a club in Boston’s Back Bay. After the alleged crotch grab high-jinks ensued and eventually the Wes Welker clone was thrown out of the bar and arrested.

The particulars of that arrest came to light when Julian was charged with indecent assault and battery. The alleged victim was not in court and has not been identified. So we are yet to see pictures of the victim leaked from her Facebook page or Twitter account. She has smartly lawyered up.

Timothy Bradl, attorney for the alleged victim, commented in reference to the alleged victim “she seeks neither publicity nor monetary gain, and she has no ulterior motives” and added his client whishes “that the legal process be allowed to take its course.”

This makes you wonder what the hell is going on in Foxboro? Has Belichick lost control of his team? First Rob Gronkowski is tweeting pics with pornstar Bibi Jones. And now Julian Edelman spending the day at the Boston Municipal Courts. Makes you wonder what is going to happen next? Maybe Tom Brady will have a child out of wedlock!…wait he already did that. The big questions is with these two clowns in the press this week…was Randy Moss really all that much of a distraction?

So if this trial takes a nasty turn for Julian Edelman he could be going to the Packers. No, not the Green Bay Packers, we are talking about the MCI -Walpole State Prison Fudge Packers. Anyone passing through the Massachusetts penal system charged with a sex crime can expect plenty of butt rape. Like Welker, Julian Edelman is just not that big, he will be someone’s bitch.

Julian make sure you pack those Lt. Jim Dangle shorts. The guys on Block 10 will love them.

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