Gadget Review: AnySharp Plus Knife Sharpener

One of my biggest pet peeves when cooking is dull knives. Cooking is 50% preparation and 50% presentation. If it looks good, it tastes good.  Dull blades that mash delicate vegetables and mangle cuts of meat can destroy your meal. A dull knife can also add to tedious prep time and fatigue your hands.

We gave the AnySharp Plus knife sharpener a test run on a variety of kitchen knives and were blown away by the results. We got a scalpel-sharp blade with just a few light draws through the AnySharp Plus knife sharpener. Cutting fresh pineapple was a breeze as was flourishing avocados without creating a pile of green mush. 

The AnySharp Plus knife sharpener will sharpen virtually any knife, whether it has a hard anodized or serrated blade. A sharp knife not only makes slicing, dicing and chopping easier, but it is also safer as the knife is less likely to slip while using it.

The AnySharp Pro uses tungsten carbide sharpening technology and is quick and easy to use. It is the world’s only knife sharpener with a patented PowerGrip suction cup which attaches securely to any smooth surface, eliminating slipping and jamming. Once attached, knives can be sharpened single-handed, keeping both hands away from danger.

The AnySharp’s top also has a useful scissor blade sharpener and has a long-lasting polymer guiding top that is softer than metal, and therefore won’t damage the metal edge, making it safe for the knives too. What’s more, it’s small enough to store safely in a kitchen drawer. Boasting a 10-year guarantee, AnySharp Plus in an eco-friendly product available in grey or carbon fiber for purchase for just MSRP $28 direct from The code AUG25 takes 25% off on every product from AnySharp when entered at checkout on