Forget Being a Guitar Hero, We Show You How to be an Internet Guitar God II

Recently we did a post on what to do when producing an informative guitar video on YouTube. (You can check it out here) There are countless videos on YouTube and most are more than informative. If you want to join the legions of YouTube guitar heroes there are some things you should definitely be doing.

Step 1. Make the gear review about you

If you are doing a guitar or guitar pickup review keep in mind people don’t want to hear the product. They want to hear your guitar wanking. Saturate the tone with as much gain and echo a possible. The nuances of the pickup are unimportant and people want to hear your echo filled wanking.

Step 2. Rock and Roll is all about the party.

Another key point is show you are a hard partying rocking guy. If you have a huge beer gut make sure you get it in the frame. People want to know you can hold your beer (and nachos, and pizza). People can’t hear a fat tone on tiny computer speakers but everybody loves a fat guy.

Step 3. Have a cool name for your YouTube channel

Go with something cool that has the words wizard, shred, or gonzo in it. The Guitar Wizard’s Great Shred Gonzo is probably taken so you will probably have to come up with something else cool.

Step 4. Get bluesy

People love pentatonic! Crank the gain and echo and plays as many pentatonic scales as possible as fast as you can. If it stops being musical at any point just start cranking on your tremolo bar until you can think of another VanHalen lick to cop.

Step 5. Be fashionable.

Remember video is forever you need to look your best. Go out and buy some skinny jeans. If you don’t have skinny jeans just squeeze into regular jeans a size or two too small. This will give the impression of ultra-hipness.

Step 6. Sex sells

If you are a hot girl work it in your video. Dress sexy, smile give the fan boys what they want. You might even want to put on a tight top and suggestively let a breast hang over the top of the guitar. If you are not a hot girl but are a guy with man-boobs you can also hang one over the axe; you never know what will work.

Here is a great guitar video that captures all of these great points. Hopefully you will soon be producing YouTube clips as good as this.