Boston Heavy Metal Band B.F. Raid Gets Web Presence

Cult favorite underground Boston heavy metal band B.F. Raid (Boston’s Final Raid) have updated their web presence and stepped into the new millennium. Their new website now hosts throwback pictures of the band along with downloads to some of their earlier demos.

B.F. Raid was formed by four friends in Malden, MA and enjoyed a modest following in Boston’s underground metal scene in the 80’s. Their fans enjoyed the band’s aggressive flavor of Heavy Metal at The Channel in South Boston. Kenmore Square’s Rat, Jumping Jack Flash in Boston’s Fenway area and the legendary Jack’s in Central Square in Cambridge.

What made this band interesting was their mix of other genres with their brand of metal. Songs would be peppered with touches of reggae, psychedelic grooves, and even blues into their aural assault. The band’s unique approach to metal confused many booking agents and radio programmers. This had the band’s music being featured on a host of college radio shows outside of the metal genre. The band would often find themselves sharing live bills with punk and reggae acts.

The website hosts streaming of two of the band’s most popular songs. Angel and Victim both enjoyed airplay in the early eighties and can be described as the band’s most straight forward heavy metal effort. The band was comprised of Bruce Owens on guitars, Barry Silverman drums, Len Ponn bass guitar and Bill Kowtowski vocals.

Fans of the band can find free music downloads and streaming, photos and more at