Review: The Black & Decker 3in1 VACPACK – Fall Clean Ups in Record Time

I just got done doing yard work and believe it or not I am in heaven. I just tackled the worst New Hampshire fall could throw at me with the Black & Decker 3in1 VACPACK 12 amp leaf blower, vacuum, and mulcher. This corded lawn tool is lightweight weighing in at 11 lbs. with a more than comfortable backpack to help you navigate your yard. However, the weight is not an issue seeing this mighty beast of a machine got my yard cleaned up in half the time it typically takes.

The Black & Decker 3in1 VACPACK 12 pushes out air at 250 MPH. More than enough strength to get most yard jobs done. Still, we have all found those stubborn spots when doing a fall clean up; I saw one today. I repeatedly found wet leaves at the bottom of debris piles. The Black & Decker 3in1 VACPACK has a POWERBOOST button for increased power on demand. Using this feature on my stubborn spots drastically reduced my clean-up time.

Making my clean up task even quicker is the vacuum option on the Black & Decker 3in1 VACPACK. Typically the power needed to remove debris out and around my shrubs makes a mess. I end up cleaning up mulch that is blown from under the bushes along with the leaves. The vac tube is long enough to quickly get in and around the shrubs to cleanly and rapidly remove anything unsightly. Not only did the Black & Decker 3in1 VACPACK suck up the leaves but it also mulched them.

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I found this year I used half the leaf clean up bags than I used in previous years. Mulching the leaves saved room in the clean-up bags allowing me to make one trip to the dump to get rid of all of my yard mess.  The mulch ratio is an astounding 16:1! No more pushing down leaves in the bag or trying to compress them with my boot.

What I love most about this yard tool is it is AC powered. No trips the gas station to pick up fuel or irritating gas fumes to deal with. The operation of the blower was much quieter than my old gas blower. The AC operation makes the Black & Decker 3in1 VACPACK 12 easy to operate. May I dare say it is fun for the whole family or it shall be when the kids do the next clean up.

You can find out more about the Black & Decker 3in1 VACPACK 12 amp leaf blower, vacuum, and mulcher on BlackAndDecker.comFacebookTwitter and YouTube.