Grand Theft Auto 5 Still Going Strong after Five Years

Videogame Roundtable Episode 344: Grim Sky at Riot

The guys discuss the recent report by Kotaku released this week on the shady institutionalized sexism at Riot Games, the people behind League of Legends. There’s also hints of racism as well, especially since everyone in charge is, well, a white male. Otherwise, T.J. gushes about his experiences at EVO, the fighting game convention/competition, and is looking forward to QuakeCon.

The news this week includes:

Siege’s next season Operation Grim Sky unveiled
The World Ends With You for Switch gets release date
IGN pulls review and fires writer for plagiarism
Grand Theft Auto 5 still going strong after five years

And Jonah confesses he still hasn’t played GTA5 because, well, GTA4 soured him on the series.

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