Who Will be the Next Mrs. Tom Brady? We Think We Know

By now, all of you know about the discord in the Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady marriage. Things have gotten so bad Tom had to take 11 days off from training camp. Even with Tom pleading his case for 11 days, Gisele still took off for Costa Rica the first chance she had.

What is Tom Brady’s next move if it is truly over for the Victoria’s Secret legend and the future NFL Hall of Famer? I am pretty sure we know. I do not see Brady taking the path of his teammates and ending up with a dime-a-dozen Instagram models. You cougars in New England can stop searching Tinder because you will not find Tom Brady there either.

After 13 years of marriage and kids, I think Tom will break loose. I expect Tom to go full-on Leonardo DiCaprio. We will not see Tom Brady with a woman older than 25. Actually, I would not be surprised to see Tom on a yacht full of beauties with Leo in the postseason.

Here are the five women we thing are most likely to find themselves on Tom Brady’s arm next.

Elle Fanning – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button actress is 5′ 9 and beautiful. I think she fits the bill for Tom. Gisele Bündchen is 5′ 11″, and Brady’s Baby’s Momma Bridget Moynahan is 5′ 10. The 6′ 4″ Tom Brady seems to like his women on the taller side. The downside is Elle Fanning is 24 years old. If Tom goes the Leonardo DiCaprio route, Elle only has a year of shelf life left.

Sabrina Carpenter – The singer, songwriter, and actress recently turned 23, so she has a little more shelf life than Elle Fanning. What puts Sabrina Carpenter on our list is not just her talents and beauty. Sabrina measures in at a whopping 4-foot-11! After being with taller women for almost two decades, Brady might want to try out a “spinner.” Sabrina Carpenter fits that bill.

Selena Gomez – Maybe Brady still longs for Latin love. The self-described American-Mexican Barney alum does not hit the age and height requirements being 30 years old and 5 foot 5. But let’s be real Selena Gomez is smoking hot, and Tom Brady could do much worse. The downside is the old saying, “for every hot woman, there is a man that got tired of sleeping with her.” In the case of Selena Gomez, that man is Justin Bieber.

Zendaya Coleman – If Tom is good with surpassing Leo’s expiration date, maybe he will take a look at the exotic beauty Zendaya. The 26-year-old Spider-Man: Homecoming actress measures 5 feet 10 inches, reaching Brady’s height requirements. She can also introduce the Brady kids to Tom Holland, which is a bonus. What kid doesn’t want to meet Spider-man?

Millie Bobby Brown – If Tom Brady is to go full-on Leo DiCaprio at 18 years old Millie would give the NFL star the longest shelf life. At 5ft 3in, she does not hit the height requirement, but like Sabrina Carpenter, Brady might want to try out a “spinner.”  However, being British, Millie Bobby Brown considers football to be soccer and might not even know who Tom Brady is. If Tom made a move, he might come off as just another creepy old man.

So in keeping with the NFL trend, if we were able to bet on these relationships on DraftKings, we think the odds would look a little like this.

Elle Fanning +550
Sabrina Carpenter +710
Selena Gomez +900
Zendaya Coleman +1800
Millie Bobby Brown +4000

What are the odds of Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady staying together? Only the Brady’s know that.