Howard TV Episode Review – Show in the Hallway: “Quivers, Quivers, Quivers”

Robinvideo inside post “Show in the Hallway” is a Howard TV On Demand original comedy series created by the Howard Stern Show’s own Sal Governale. “Hallway” is a series of fictional vignettes starring both the major and minor players on the radio show, and loosely based on actual events that occur on-air. There are four new episodes debuting, the first is entitled “Quivers, Quivers, Quivers”… featuring Robin Quivers as Robin Quivers, a cougar on the prowl for young meat.

This season’s debut episode starts as Sal is busted by one of NYC’s finest for urinating in public. He talks his way out of the citation by promising the cop a date with Robin. Sal pitches the idea to the queen, but she’ll have none of it, thinking it is one of Sal’s wacky schemes. With the assistance of Richard Christy, Sal pulls a successful bait-and-switch using a Robin look-alike. Well… it’s successful at first. Like everything else Sal touches, this plan turns into a disaster rather quickly. You’ll have to check out the episode yourself to see what happens next.

Robin is hilarious in her first acting gig since starring in Howard Stern’s Private Parts in 1997. As a true cougar, she sets her sights on the young blood in the office and flirts her ass off with them. As for the rest of the episode, there are a few laugh out loud moments that all hardcore fans of the radio show will appreciate… utilizing some classic lines that we’ve all heard in the past.

I suggest all fans, both casual and psychotic, give “Quivers, Quivers, Quivers” a look-see on Howard TV. The episode is currently running and available for viewing at Howard’s On Demand channel. It will be followed by three more episodes: #2–“Mr.Lotto,” #3–“In the Bag” and Episode #4–“Artie’s Chair.”

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