Suds With Securb – Sunday Bloody Sunday

bacon-bloody-mary-150pxFunny I have never mentioned it before in any of my columns but yours truly has done some bartending back in the day. Most of my bartending has been in Rum & Coke, shot and a beer types of places.

Still I did manage to pick up some mixology skills along the way. One drink that I feel I have really perfected is my Bloody Mary.

This is the perfect Sunday Morning\Afternoon cocktail. Whether you are looking to battle a brutal hangover or get a cool early groove going. This is one of the few cocktails that can be respectively consumed before noon. Now that I have bacon flavored vodka I can further justify this indulgence.

Bakon has finally released their bacon flavored offering. Yes, I know this sounds a bit strange and first impressions are to wince. I did the same thing myself upon hearing about this concoction. Now I sit here with one of the best Bloody Marys I have ever had in my life wondering, what else can I put bacon vodka in?

The Bakon vodka is crystal clear there is no residue of bacon fat or bacon. The bacon aroma is very subtle and natural smelling. In my cocktail there is a understated bacon flavor. It seems as if someone added a bacon slice as a garnish in my drink. I just might start doing that in the future to my Bloody Marys. Til’ then here is my standard Bloody Mary recipe.


The Bacon Bloody Mary
In a 16 oz glass mix
Two shots of Bakon vodka
Add ice and fill with in an inch of the top with V8 juice (use tomato juice if you must)
A pinch of salt and pepper to taste
A couple of dashes of tobacco
A few dashes of Worchestire sauce

Shake well if you don’t have a cocktail shaker get one. But for now transfer the drink a couple times between two glasses.

Once the drink is mixed add the garnishes. This is important to get right. In the southwest I have seen pickles used a garnish in this drink. That is criminal and the server’s bartending license should be torn up.

A Bloody Mary should be garnished with a lemon, or celery stalk. In my case I use a scallion, Celery stalk and press fresh garlic across the top of the drink. Sometimes I substitute the garlic for Horseradish. Remeber if it looks good it tastes good.

It is that simple – Enjoy your Sunday.

Bakon Vodka can be purchased online! There is a distributor in New York that is taking pre-orders for Bakon Vodka – ready to be shipped anywhere in the world!