Howard Stern: Dani Lynn Dawkins Has Been Named Miss Howard TV for July 2010 (Pics)

dani-mainCurrently, the Howard Stern Show is on a 2-week July 4th vacation as it runs “The History of Howard Stern”. It is half of a month of semi-original programming, but I have to admit, it was nice hearing Artie Lange’s voice again. Sorry, we don’t have any updates on his health for you.

Before the break, Howard introduced Danni Lynn Dawkins who has been crowned Miss Howard TV for July 2010. As usual, Howard grilled the latest representative of his On Demand channel on all of the important issues including lesbian experiences and anal sex. For the record, her answers were “just one kiss” and “go for it”.

During the interview we learned that Dani Lynn is a pre-med student and just graduated with that degree from Penn State. Howard asked her a few medical-related opinions, but was far more interested in her body as he classified her ass as “world class.”

The most shocking information we learned was that all of Dani Lynn’s boyfriends have cheated on her. According to her, they always “cheated down” opting for a far lesser quality of chick. As you can see in the pictures below, Dani is a knockout and true catch, so you know it’s a man’s world.

Enough of the talk, this is what you are here to see… click any thumbnail to see the full version of the pic:

These pictures are courtesy of Visit to see when Danni Lynn’s episode will air and for how long.