Artie Lange is Home From the Hospital, Doing Well and Still Employed

artienhowardLess than week after being rushed to the hospital with nine stab wounds in a failed suicide attempt, Artie Lange, of the Howard Stern Show, is home. Not only is he doing well, but according to a high-ranking executive at Sirius XM Satellite Radio, is still very much a part of the family. “Artie is very much a part of these channels, and we look forward to Artie’s fast recovery and we wish him all the best.” The statement refutes a report by Perez Hilton stating that Lang would be fired once he regained his health.

Stern was enraged when details surfaced about the suicide attempt, after the Lang family made it clear they would release details as Arty regained his health:

“I really would love to know who the scumbag is who releases that to the press,” “Who sneakily finds something out and then tells the press. Because this really is a private matter.” “I’m pissed off at the shithead who got paid $10 bucks to talk to Page Six”

The leak does not appear to be within Sirius XM.

The next step for Art is to get healthy and back on the show, so he can tell all himself in a tearful admission… which was becoming a regular occasion on the show for him in recent years. It is not known in what capacity Artie will rejoin his cohorts once he is ready. The show has not filled his seat in his absence, or has even attempted to. Rumors surfaced about Jim Breuer taking his place just before the suicide attempt, that were quickly dismissed by Stern.

Of course, Howard, Robin and the rest of the show staffers joked on air about how Jackie Martling would probably start a campaign to get his old seat back.

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