Artie Lange Update: Artie Performs First Live Comedy Show in 10 Months in NYC

We finally have a very positive Artie Lange update per Craig Gass on the Howard Stern Show this morning. According to Craig, Artie was performing live at a comedy club in New York City this past weekend… and he killed, just like old times. Craig said he looked and sounded great and even worked in some jokes about his stint in the psyche ward after his failed suicide attempt.

The live performance was the first time Artie took the stage in over 10 months, before his bout with depression and an incident where he stabbed himself nine time in December of 2009. Gass mentioned that he took a pic with Artie after the event and posted it on his Facebook Page. The picture is featured below. As you can see that Artie looks great and his weight is down compared to the last time we saw him on the Stern Show:

Earlier in the month, we reported that Artie was interested in coming back into the studio to tell his “story”. At the time, Howard was very reluctant to consider it, being cautious that it didn’t trigger any relapse. This recent news of Artie out and about and performing again appears to be another step towards getting back in the “Artie Chair” that no one has been able to fill in his absence.

Stay tuned for more details.